A Self-Study Guide to Spiritual Liberation

I think we tend to over-complicate spirituality. We’ve been taught since childhood that our way of connecting to God should look and sound the way it does for the people around us. We are taught that God-Self connection must be shown to us, then mimicked by us.  But that, for me, has always felt like a very roundabout (if not inauthentic) way of tapping into something that is part of me.

What about you? Have you ever felt disconnected from the ways you’ve been told to access God?

If you have, then this short and salient ebook about reconnecting to God-Self is gonna serve you like none other! Written by our resident Writing Coach, Trelani Michelle, Women Who Ain’t Afraid to Curse When Communicating With God is all about radical self-expression with the intention of strengthening your connection to your Spiritual foundation.

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Here’s the description I took directly from Trelani’s Amazon page:
Let’s go on a journey within. A place where judgment, denial and self-deception are replaced with truth, compassion, and a reconnection to the expression of your authentic truth. Through this experience in women’s personal growth, you will be guided and inspired toward meditation and prayer in ways that bring God back to your table with open conversations about how you really feel and what you really want. These pages are filled with dialogue that kindles mental and spiritual healing by opening your heart to what Spirit has to say to you, and through you.

Women Who Ain’t Afraid to Curse When Communicating with God is for free spirits and old souls who believe in the magic of:

  • me-time
  • ancestral guidance
  • visualization
  • mirror work
  • masturbation
  • chakra balancing
  • self-esteem

As you learn to recognize and trust that ever-present voice of Spirit, you’ll simultaneously tap into your power and potential. Included are 31 contemplative writing prompts, meditations, and personal stories, summoning you to start where you are to deepen your connection with Spirit, language, and the world around you.