A Love Story About Bios and Women

Fair warning though–this is the kind of love story that has action items at the end. If you just want to feel good and hear a story about women appreciating and supporting each other’s brilliance, that’s sprinkled in there too. But this story is about Strategy & Soulwork, so if your professional bio could use some serious sprucing up, this is perfect for that dilemma. I’m singling out a bio client (thanks, Ivy!) to give you a behind-the-scenes view of what goes into a super-dope bio.

First, the Soulwork…

The best thing about writing great bios is that it makes already amazing people sound as great as they actually are. Most people just don’t recognize just how much they’ve accomplished, mainly because they’re in the middle of growing a business, or refining an idea. Most of us just don’t have Kanye’s level of self-confidence, so our bios reflect a modest version of what we’ve done and who we’ve impacted.

Kanye radicalselfie

That’s why bios should be your personal equivalent of MMA announcer, Bruce Buffer’s infamous “It’s Time!” voice.  *Where my UFC fans at?*

My friend Ivy is all up in that amazing people category I mentioned. She’s so modest in some ways, and I don’t think she really sees just how much of an impact her work has been in the body positive space.

ivy cooper radicalselfie

She’s the Chief Wellness Warrior over at Me, My Body, and Love, a holistic wellness company created “to provide empowerment, education, and encouragement for those who seek to embrace a body positive lifestyle by loving their own bodies and extending that same love and acceptance to others.” Ivy shows up for people every day, and I was honored to be able to show up for her bio by adding to Booyah! to her bio.

How Our Bio Relationship Emerged

When I finally finished my last major project, and decided to open up space to work with bio building again, I didn’t really promote my services. I’ve been really fortunate to have worked with really great people, and I’m going to keep it that way. I told myself I’d just see how Universe responded to my readiness for more bio work, and that’s when Ivy showed up in that space.

There’s a world of difference between putting pretty words together on a page and conveying a detailed introduction of somebody’s “good side” by way of a great bio. As it turns out, my obsession with self-expression paired with my need to write makes for one helluva bio writer. So when I recommended Ivy on LinkedIn, and she responded saying she loved it, and wanted to inquire about my Bio Mojo services, I heard Universe loud and clear. Ivy was the messenger I was waiting for. ☺

Then comes Strategy…

That’s a screenshot of the email I sent to Ivy after she and I agreed to make space for her Bio Mojo. The 10 questions I asked Ivy are the same ones you should ask yourself if you want a better bio.
They’re detailed enough to peel back the layers and show a pattern of success. They’re also simple enough that they’re not likely to be difficult to put together into simple sentences when you’re putting them in a bio.  Start with those.  Then tell me what your revised bio sounds like.
ivy cooper bio mojo