A Conversation Party About You!

Is it possible to get clear about what you really want?

If you can manage to get clear about what you really want, how will you know whether it’s in line with what you really need?

What story lines have you bought into over the years, and how are they affecting your approach to your food, your offerings, your life?

How do we commit to the transition from feeling unfulfilled to feeling fully aligned with what we’ve been put here to offer, and walking that path in every waking moment?

Those were snippets of the delicious discussions we’ll be embarking upon this Saturday at The Brownie Monologues.

The Brownie Monologues

JOIN US as we indulge in soul conversations that will nurture our innate tendency to take care of OURSELVES.  We’ll be in full nourish|nurture|grow mode, with the specific intention of clearing the path to defining ourselves on our own terms, designing the steps that lead us right to that definition, and living in that space so we can offer our best selves to everything we do!

Decadent chocolate brownies will compliment our session as we dig deep, express out loud, and start honoring our best LIFE! It’s about relationships: with food and with self, and you are the topic of choice, so Shelley and I hope to see you there.

Atlanta now, the rest of the world soon… GRAB YOUR TICKET HERE.