A 21-Day Self-Care Resource You’ll Love!

My friend and fellow wellness warrior, Takeyah A. Young, takes living personally. That’s part of her tagline, and as certified wellness coach, yoga instructor, world-traveler, and longtime vegan foodie, she walks her talk in her own life, and it shows!

I’ve done wellness coaching with Takeyah, and we’ve even partnered up on some great projects over the years. She’s warm and bubbly, and she’s a master at crafting simple, steady ways to reclaim our bodies through our relationships with our food and our perspectives on what it means to be healthy.

Her latest wellness project is a 21-day process for increasing energy, managing moods and stressors, and getting a better understanding of what your body, in particular, needs to thrive. Here’s the gist:

#StepIntoWellness is a 21-Day e-course designed to support you with simple daily steps toward well-being. It is currently being offered as pay-what-you can.

Low Energy Level? Moody? Undernourished? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Cravings? Excess Weight? Hungry? Bloated?

Take a 21-day lifestyle transformation journey designed to help you make an impact in your life, by taking simple, daily steps (consistently).

Okay, Love—head over to Takeyah’s page to see the details, and gift yourself a big dose of Self-Love by way of #StepintoWellness!