I’m not big on routines, but I’m definitely all about rituals. Each year, as September nears its end, and business (much like nature at this time of year on this side of the planet) transitions into a slowed pace, my ritual is to focus on two things:

1. Preparing for my future by making sure my actions are in alignment with the goals I set for myself

2. Mining my experiences over the past year so that I can identify the lessons and learn from them.

For the last four years, this time of year is also when our location independent lifestyle finds us packing bags, boarding planes, and heading to a new city to explore and express. This year, we’ve decided to spend some time in South Florida, mostly the beaches along the coastline. I’ll be writing and sending you Youtube videos about our experiences, so look out for those!

And as the pace of things slow, I reward my Spring and Summer efforts by draping myself in the warmth of books, classes, workshops, or music that I’ve longed to dive into. If you feed yourself soul food through those same mediums, use the links below to access each of my Self-Expression courses and see what you like.

The links below go to a discounted course cost of only $29.

So the point of this is simple: There are 99 days left in the year to align with your future and reflect on your past. And you’ve got four $29 coupons to feed your soul with my radical reminders; that’s Strategy and Soulwork at it’s finest; could you use some of that?

Simple Spirituality Course

Radical Self-Expression Course

Unschooling for Entrepreneurs

Turn Old Ideas Into New Income