7 Reasons to Practice Self-Acceptance

Let’s face it. We are always going to be judged for something.

In somebody’s eyes, no matter what we do, something can always be done better, faster, smarter, or less. And if we’re honest, we judge other people for their choices too. It’s natural to put things through our own lens, and then recognize how we feel about what we observe.

That’s part of the problem—we call observation judgment, and we label judgment as inherently bad, negative, “haterish”, wrong, unenlightened.

But if we are to observe and not decide how we feel about what we see, then what/who the hell are we?

If you happen to be one who can observe without recognizing or even honoring your feelings about what you observe, okay, Buddha. But me? I’m okay with not feeling good about whatever doesn’t sit well with my soul.

Observing and deciding on your feelings about what you see isn’t the real issue here. The real issues are:

• Expecting your perspective to cause someone to change
• Feeling bad or offended by someone’s opinion about your choices
• Expecting not to be judged at all

Let them judge you, because they will. And go ahead and judge them.
Just remember that their verdict does not equal a sentencing.

Love, you are not obligated to shift, or change, or say anything in response to someone’s observation of you.

And the more you feel through that, and look that reality square in the eyes, the more you accurately you discern between an opportunity (to grow out of an old, perhaps unhealthy behavior) and bullshit from people who just want to impose themselves on you…

  1. The less you notice them judging you
  2. The less you care about their opinions
  3. The more you recognize your own judging tendencies
  4. The more you shed your “don’t judge me” skin
  5. The more confident you become about your choices
  6. The more you attract confident people into your life
  7. The more you embrace your YOU-ness.

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