Shelley Chapman: My, She’s Fly!

Finding Execu-counsel members who offer us resources on how to make deliciously healthy decisions for our families and ourselves is one of the primary reasons I launched this company. Beauty from crown to core, that’s the essence of her brand. Irresistible, I know!

Name: Shelley Chapman

Age: 29
Execu-counsel gig: Owner of Naturi Beauty Concepts, a company that provides 
personal chef services as well as organic haircare products.

As an entrepreneur, what are some of the “scary” aspects of depending on your own hustle for income, and how do you combat those in your day to day life?

While there is an assortment of “scary” aspects from questioning whether this was the right move to wondering if your product or service really matters or is marketable, I would say the foremost present are not always knowing when funds will materialize. Anything that does not materialize after the 15th can be very scary:) However, I have had countless examples of prosperity flowing at the “last minute”. The trick for me is I have to let go of what I think I know. I have to let go of everything I have been told about “due dates”, “credit checks”, “penalties”, etc. The other major fear that I have encountered is battling myself creatively and learning how to switch from employee to CEO. They require two different thought processes and it can be scary trying to figure out the most creative, workable approach to my business with no “guide book”. As scary as it is, I embrace it and love it, because thus far, I haven’t been let down.

What was/is the inspiration behind your personal chef service, and is it affordable for “everyday” moms, or is it more of a luxury item to which they should treat themselves from time to time?

I began the Private Culinary Service as a side hustle because I found myself hosting dinner parties or get togethers just so that I could cook! I thought to myself, I love my friends but why am I feeding them for free? Naturi Beauty: Bites & Delights offers two services. I offer private culinary services which is definitely a luxury. Anytime you have someone preparing your dinner for you on a weekly basis, you have to admit that you’re living the good life and that is exactly how I like to make my clients feel! I also offer culinary meal planning services where clients can contact me and receive recipe, shopping and preparation tips. My blog is also a significant resource for culinary inspiration.

How can Naturi Beauty Concepts’ products and services benefit Execumamas in particular?

All Execumamas who are blessed to have daughters with a head full of hair can benefit from my Best Selling product Naturi Quench, an excellent moisturizer that works wonders on braids, twists, blow outs and curls. My products are full of nourishing ingredients that are safe for you and your precious ones. I recognize that not all Execumamas are kitchen savvy or even care to be in the kitchen. But for those that do venture and explore the realm of culinary goodness, Naturi Beauty Blog offers videos, recipes and tips and if you’re in the Atlanta area and need services, call me, let’s EAT!

What are some of the things that make you anxious about your eventual transition into Execumama-hood? Do you anticipate significant changes? If so, what sort of support (from fellow Execumamas) might help you during that time?

Wow…my future as an Execumama brings up countless emotions. I have seen my daughters before in two dreams and they are so beautiful, I can’t wait to meet them. This may seem funny, but I actually look forward to doing their hair and cooking all these neat little meals and hosting themed birthday parties. Go figure, right! I do anticipate significant changes: namely sacrificing my own personal time! Naps, weekend outings, personal shopping sprees, parties and impromptu travel will take on a whole different look. What type of support will I need? Whatever it is, I’ll need a whole lot of it!!

The Execumama Credo is: Define, Design, and Live your FULLEST version of woman; how do you strive to do that in your life?

My personal and business charge is Nourish, Nurture, Grow. My nourishment not only comes from my food but also my thoughts, my environment, my friends, my family and my spirit. I actively choose nourishment in all of its forms to get me through. I nurture by choosing beneficial activities such as baths, dance, laughter, good loving, travel, beautiful conversations and interactions, reading, cooking, sleeping and blogging. That list is expanding every day as I discover yet another thing I love. The end result? Growth. Spiritually charged, emotionally sound and physically flourishing, I’m ready for all this life has to offer.