You’ve Earned It, Now Take It!

Though the new year began for me back in September at the start of the Fall Equinox, I still celebrate the calendar new year as it brings a rare energy to most of the world. I love the idea that people all over the world get a collective renewed sense of possibility, opportunity, and reason to keep trying — how powerful!

How will YOU take advantage of this new calendar year?
Will you finally stick to your health goals and get to your ideal level of fitness? Will you once and for all proclaim yourself worthy of a minimum-stress lifestyle and release those people and projects that drain you like energy vampires every time the thought of them even crosses your mind? Have you marked your 2010 calendar to re-visit your business plan (or finally create one), and give your brilliant ideas the attention and nurturing they deserve? This month’s My, She’s Fly, Monise Seward, offers us a beautiful example of one woman’s relentless pursuit toward a long-term goal of better education for her children, and ours.

How will 2010 be the start of something better for you?
Take the time to make these decision during this first month of January, won’t you? Make a grocery store run alone, but not before stopping at a local coffee shop, notebook and pen in hand, to take the steps to becoming an active participant in your own life. Get off the sidelines, and release the role of the woman or man to whom things just happen. Instead, be the conductor, and let Creator be your composer. All your struggles and patience have earned you that right! Your very birth earned you that right, so face the hurdles head on, and you’ll soon realize that most of the obstacles are based on fear, and easily annihilated by a lot of faith and a little effort.

For me, I resolve to continue pushing ahead with the next level of progress for Execumama Enterprises. I’ve partnered with a wonderful sister-friend from CORPORATE CHICS to form Face Forward Events, a sub-brand that offers uniquely-themed networking events for entrepreneurs to connect. I’m still learning to push past fear, and I’m open to sharing that truth with you, because I believe that candor can be an excellent catalyst for growth.

Happy 2010, Execumamas and those inspired by her! With the knowledge of your best self earning the right to be front and center, you are now free to move about the Universe. Get to it!