5 Life Design Tips by Jane Fonda + Gabby Sidibe

Gabby and Jane

I attended the Power of the Arts event because I was curious about Jane Fonda’s Life Design methods.

She was screening her 1962 Documentary, “Jane”, which followed her behind the scenes of her short-lived Broadway venture, “The Fun Couple.” It was labeled as a failure, and Jane Fonda decided to share the struggles of her disappointment, and discuss how she bounced back from a place of a severe low, to an outspoken, mega successful, longevity having example of WOMAN SHINE!

I also attended because I wanted to see if Gabby Sidibe was as witty and “Old Woman type of wise” as she had seemed in her TV interviews.

But, realest of real, I went because I saw Life Design written all over the invitation, and I wanted to know what two gutsy women had to say about it.

Gabby Sidibe held the highest points on my curiosity scorecard. Still does.

She spoke of self-love, world love, and the difference between fame and success. I won’t deny that it’s difficult for me to fully accept her message of self-love when I view her weight as a significant health-risk. I’m aware that may read as judgmental, but it’s how I feel. I question not whether she loves herself, but how do we address self-love without talking about what seemed to be an opportunity to address something many of us sweep under the rug: overindulgence, image issues, and loving ourselves wherever we are in our mental/physical journeys.

But you know, that wasn’t the forum for that. I can’t speak specifically to weight issues, but I can definitely connect with the power and necessity of learning to love my body in various forms.  When I wrote about my stretch marks, it was one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done for myself.

What body “issues” are you learning to love?

Anyhoo, here are my top five Life Design takeaways from The Power of the Arts event:

On being authentic and serving the greater good…
We can affect change in the world and in ourselves by giving up ego and replacing it with Soul. ~Jane Fonda

On being brave…
I fall so many times, but not for long; main reason being, I hate being on the floor! ~Gabby Sidibe

On young girls having their voices taken away from them at a young age…
My voice came back to me [as a woman] when I re-inhabited myself and got really authentic. ~Jane Fonda

On how she gauges the success of her work/life…
Fame and success aren’t the same! Fame is a terrible inconvenience–try buying tampons when you’re famous! But success, that’s about changing minds and lives, and actually making people’s lives better. ~Gabby Sidibe (Isn’t that frikkin brilliant?!)

On helping our youth feel supported, loved, and paid attention to…
There’s a certain kind of listening that heals and empowers. ~Jane Fonda

On discerning when a project is right for you, and when it’s not…
You know it in your bones when you’re doing something that matters. ~Jane Fonda

I’m grateful to both Jane Fond and Gabby Sidibe for walking in their truths. They both left me with a lot to consider; some of it exciting and in line with what I already know about myself and my life, and some of it very much in line with inner work that I need to do (eg. working on judging, accepting messages without overly scrutinizing the messenger, etc.) …and miles to go before I sleep.

Did any of their quotes resonate with you? Do share.