4 Tools For Your Life Design Journey

I thought, What if this is that point?

What if this is THAT point when dreamers get to the deep part of the river, and are given the option to walk on, trusting that there is ample footing beneath them, or turn back—tail-between-legs style—and accept that the dreaming has to stop.

What if this is THAT point where the ink from our POTENTIALLY AMAZING stamps either dries permanently, or the POTENTIALLY dissolves, leaving us officially, irreversibly, AMAZING?

During my two-week shedding, where at times the chorus to the original Swing Low, Sweet Chariot boomed from the heavens in decibels only audible to my ears, the thought of THAT point entered my mind. I didn’t entertain it much at first, because I knew what I knew (which was that I was a failure), therefore no opportunities lay within the experience, only reality.  That is until I decided to reclaim mine anew, glimpsing the fuzzy possibility of growth in my periphery.

Dammit Life, I don’t have time for this shit! The whole Riddle-Me-This experience was getting old, fast, and I began wanting to feel better.  That was a good sign, and Kris and I capitalized on that bad boy with lengthy conversations, ferocious honesty, and the eventual acceptance of my goings-on as a stage, not my new norm.

Have you had your Swing Low moment? I don’t mean the fleeting doubt stuff, either.  I mean that industrial-strength adhesive type series of emotions situation that render you this.close to positive that all you’ve been doing; the work, the effort, the time—have amounted to monumental nothingness, and that you’d be wise to cut your losses and get REAL?

I’m betting you have, and my sneaking suspicion is that the more successful you become, the more access those emotions have to you.  It’s the whole To Whom Much Is Given thing, you know? That necessary muscle and courage building process that is actually a REWARD for all the work you’ve committed to putting in.  Yes, yes, a reward—so soak it on it, because you’ve earned it!  And though it does not always appear nor feel like a reward (God knows it can feel like a Roman Coliseum Gladiator type beat down!), it IS the natural and necessary progression for your ideal Life Design.

So does this mean you trudge on bravely in anticipation of Russel Crowe going ape shit on your life? Nope, sure doesn’t! Matter of fact, fellow Warrior, I proclaim that there are tools for this here excavation project, and as you unearth your most satisfied, flourishing, fully realized potential-having self, I offer you access to my newly sharpened tools, and encourage you to create and share yours with your fellow Execumamas.

Straight From The Toolbox

1. Dude, you totally get what you ask for! I asked for (and fully expected to receive) answers on the other side of my stoppage.  It’s right there in the doggone post! And so they came (duh, Akilah!).  The message: Know that your aches and disappointments are messages for which you summoned, and that the resulting knowledge is something you will absolutely need as you build, grow, and thrive.

2. Your Circle: Are you the motivator in your circle, or do you have at least one person you can consistently look to for guidance on how to stay on track, or get back on when you stray? It is so important to have that support system, and if you don’t have one readily accessible, guess what? You can create one online!

  • Some of them are right here on the My, She’s Fly pages of Execumama.com. Go right ahead and reach out to any one of them! They are incredible women in the throes of Life Design, just like you.
  • You can also check online for social networks, meetup groups, and Web sites designed specifically to encourage us ride-or-die, my-life-my-terms types.

3. Your Daily Intake Forms: What sort of information are you granting access to your beautiful mind, huh? It’s cool to watch the news, read street lit, and indulge in episodes of Real Housewives of Wherever, but balance is Queen for women like us.  Use audio books, YouTube videos, good old-fashioned printed books, CDs, Webinars, seminars, mastermind groups, and whatever else you can find to nurture your goals. Look for the words and people that inspire you greatly, then add them to your daily intake.

4. Measure Your Progress: Note to me/you: This is not an invitation for self-deprecating should you not meet a goal in the specific way you intended.  I’m only suggesting you create ways to measure the effectiveness of your daily efforts so that you can assess and adjust when necessary.  In other words, if you’re determined to drive your car to a new destination, but never check your gas gauge or the signs on the road along the way, um…you might end up lost and out of gas, which of course is no bueno!

Alright, Loves — onward and upward!

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