4 Steps To Transition From “What Now” To …

You fill in the blank.  Oftentimes it’s difficult to even conceive where to start when we’re faced with a transition in life.  A relationship sours, a loved one dies, your “steady” job is now your past — it happens.  Positive transitions can be equally stressful and lead to stagnation.  A relationship blooms into more than you expected, and you’re not sure how to handle that.  A relationship that needed to end is now over, and you now have room to be yourself; but who is that self, anway?

An Execumama reader messaged me on Facebook and asked me a question that speaks to the concept of transition. Listen to the brief audio segment below for my suggestions on how to move forward when the inevitable transitions of life present themselves and render us officially stumped.


Step 1. Assess your NOW: This is where I am, and these are the (probable) reasons why

Step 2. Make the list to identify the DIFFERENCES between where you are now and where you want to be. (The audio tells you how)

Step 3. Take CONTROL of the list by removing the irrationals, and addressing the rational PAUSE BUTTONS

Step 4. Turn your PAUSES into PLAYS by matching your rational PVEs (Perfectly Valid Excuses) with specific RESOURCES