3 Techniques For Living From The Inside Out

The way the woman in the mirror shows up makes all the difference in the world.

For the past few weeks, I haven’t written any new posts, because nothing worth your time was placed in my gut.

I value the fact that what I do resonates enough with you for you to subscribe to the e-representation of my little corner of the universe. As such, I commit to only showing up in a way that I know will provide value, enhance your journey, or bring you a bit of joy–all else is fluffy shit, and I’m not that type of chic.

In sum, this site is sacred. Because it was birthed from the idea of service. And because the friendships, experience, and money (let’s stay real!) I’ve realized as a result of committing to quality on this site, means the world to me.

Where is your sacred site?
Actually, let me get bold and tell you exactly where your sacred site is.

It’s in your gut. Your heart. Your creative expression. It’s the woman in the mirror, and she is powerful–I mean GODDESS POWERFUL.

How to Show Up Tip 1

How you show up to serve that woman in the mirror each day determines what you gain access to in your life; both personally and professionally. I can write this with all the confidence in the world because I’ve experienced it enough—both in my own life, and in the lives of my friends and clients—to know that this is An Absolute Truth.


Funny thing about gratitude–it gives you access to more reasons for being thankful. In my life thus far, every time (without fail), that I am able to shift from self-pity to gratitude for even the smallest thing, I get something that causes me to want to be even more grateful. For example, it happens when I stop putting my daughters in the little box of how I think they should be, and start appreciating their independence, and their Warrior Girl tendencies.


A close friend and I are in a weekly Master Mind group where we commit to staying aware of how we’re showing up in our business, and what results we’re getting.  As we increase our commitment to awareness, we’re getting more clear indicators that the current state of our business is directly related to our thoughts, and whether or not we honor the way something makes us feel. Commit to increased awareness and see if you find the same results.

As I continue to commit to gratitude and awareness, I’m learning that they can be hard for me to do consistently. My thoughts race, I get involved in the day-to-day elements of my life as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, and my awareness gets hazy.  The people I choose to be around help me with that, so I continue to get better.

What I’m awesome at though, is ACTION. That’s one of my natural tendencies, and I’m particularly grateful for it when I’m working with women entrepreneurs. I can be scared out of my mind—doubtful of results, and all—but I can always push through to action; that’s just how I’m built; it’s my natural grain.

Do you know your natural grain?
What intrinsic qualities can you hone so that you can get better at the things you love to do?

If you can start each day by looking in the mirror and committing to the practices of gratitude, awareness, and action, you can get better at living from the inside out.

Now find a mirror, and start talkin’, sis!