3 Self-Care Truths to Fuel Your Week

As you dive into whatever’s feeding your soul and paying your bills this week, I invite you to remember these three self-care truths:

• At any moment, you have the right and the ability to say no to anyone’s request.
• When you breathe deeper, you remind yourself to be present, and to recognize (and reject) any energies that are working in opposition to how you prefer to feel.
• You do not have to “show up and smile” for anyone today. Even if you have to show up, you do not need to pretend that you are alright, if in fact you are not.

Your You-ness is divine, and your ability to nurture that You-ness is one that requires attention, intention, and consistency. Self-Love need not be a reaction to a pain point in your life. Choose to pay more attention to yourself and your own needs; Mondays are great for re-setting powerful intentions like these.

Have a beautifully expressive week!