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3 Questions About Your Joy

Endurance is frequently a form of indecision. ~Elizabeth Bibesco

That might sting a bit.  If so, let it. Take it in, because perhaps it might move you toward divine action.

That quote found its way to me today, and I believe it’s meant for you too.

This choice you’ve made to “ride it out” and see where it goes can harm you, if you’re using it as an excuse not to take charge of your own emotional wellness.

I believe that there are things in life that call for us to be still, just watch, and not try to manipulate or nudge forward.

I’m still learning how to apply that knowledge, and when I don’t honor that, the result gets real bad, real fast.

But there are other things in life that have nothing to do with patience and stillness, and everything to do with your fear of the other side of it all.

What have you decided NOT to decide about?

A friendship that has run its course?
A career move that has now gone stale?
A partnership you now see was meant to be a short chapter, not a book?
That extra weight that calls for significant lifestyle changes?
That conversation you need to have with him? With her? With them?

Whatever it is, find a mirror and ask yourself some tough questions.

1. What’s the real reason I’m staying?
2. Whose response do I fear the most, should I decide to move on?
3. What do I risk losing if I continue to stay?

As Robert Half once said, “Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers.”

If you commit to asking those questions, and truly sit in silence with the answers that come, you may find that your reasons for enduring are more about fear than faith, and if so, ask yourself this:

What are the potential fears and rewards I face, should I choose to risk expression?