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Join the 20-Day Spiritual Self-care Challenge


Updated March 1: The 20-Day Spiritual Self-Care Challenge runs from March 1 through 20, and you can start on any day you like. Click here to join us.

I usually stay away from issuing “challenges” because they can feel gimmick-y to me. But this for me is a challenge, in a very real sense, so the wording truly fits the experience. It’s my own personal process that I successfully completed in Summer of 2013, and I’m ready for it again, for different reasons, in 2015.

This year, I’ll be using the energy and cosmic support of the upcoming Vernal Equinox or Spring Equinox, which happens the night of March 20th.  For the 20 days leading up to the Spring Equinox, the official start of 2015 Spring, I will be consciously doing one specific self-care activity around a particular spiritual goal. My spiritual goal for this 20-day process is to close the door on a past emotional trauma, which I’ll share inside the walls of our community, if you join us, and to strengthen my relationship with my physical body and my subtle body.

If you join us, you’ll have a chance to share your spiritual goal and explore some options for what activities you want to use (because I’ll be giving you several examples) to help you explore your own spirituality and create some practices to support your spiritual growth.

Each day for the 20 days, I’ll post a video or an audio lecture inside my Simple Spirituality course, which is already live and poppin’ on Udemy.  The course is already filled with activities and prompts for simple ways to explore your spirituality. You can pick from over 30 lectures of options, and you can also bring your own spiritual practices to the table as options for you. It’s all about whatever God has placed within you to explore, express, or reclaim.

My job in this space is really to do my 20-day process out loud (inside the course). When I did my 31-day fruitarian feast in 2013, I changed my life. And it connected me to so many people who were on a similar journey with food and body healing. I provided information and inspiration, and I got that back ten-fold.

This time, instead of only sharing my food journal on Instagram, I’m stepping into a leadership role along with anyone who wants to use the Spring Equinox to manifest something BIG in their lives to join me on this journey. I will lead by example, and by making myself available throughout the 20 days for support.

I feel good about that already. But along with my direct guidance are the 30-something lectures inside the course. In those lectures I’m exploring everything from prayer to meditation to incantations, personal hygiene as spiritual ritual, breathing techniques, radical self-expression techniques, to short and easy rituals you can do with your mobile phone or your tablet.

I’ve taken a few friends through another version of this, we called it the Radical Reclaim journey, and I’m putting links in the video description so you can see for yourself what happened for my friends and my Mom who joined us, when they did their own spiritual exploration journeys. Again, we used food as our access point, and you’re welcome to join me in the 20-day raw food feast, but that’s one of many options.

You may prefer to use a 20-day physical exercise regiment as your daily face-to-face with your spiritual goal.

You might read a particular book and do activities from that book for the 20-days.

You might abstain from something you love—a certain food, sex, or social media.

Or you might comb through the Simple Spirituality course and design your own 20-day itinerary based on the things that resonated with you the most.

Your call, my guidance, and our partnership with Spirit and Springtime—that’s the game plan and the resources involved, people.

We’ll be celebrating together on that first night of Spring in a very special way too, so you won’t want to miss out on that unique opportunity.

Okay Love, if this sounds like exactly what you want to do toward your Higher Self in this first quarter of 2015, click here to enroll in the course for only $19! Crazy price, right?! I know. But it’s just through the end of February. After that, you can still join us right up until the 20th if you’d like. You’d be joining at a different price, but it will still be less than the full cost of the course, it just won’t be at this kuhrayzee $19 price.

Alright, I suggest you join the course today, feel it out, maybe start going through the activities so you can put your schedule together for the 20 days starting March 1st. The course has free preview lectures too, so you’ll see what kind of mojo is happening up in there already, as well as some of the reviews from other students.

Plenty Love!