Countdown to 2012






I was guided toward doing a countdown to 2012 for two reasons:

1. To stay connected with you while you buzz about, preparing for the holidays.
2. To integrate some messages from my upcoming book into your life now.

The 16-day countdown will break down the acronym:

D.E.F.I.N.E, D.E.S.I.G.N., L.I.V.E.

This post will provide a place for you to track each day’s suggestions as I release them.
Let me know if/how this feeds you, okay?

Click on each link to read the full posts



DAY 16: Designate a daily “Only Me Hour”
DAY 15: Expect something better
DAY 14: Find your flow
DAY 13: Invest in yourself through time and money/energy
DAY 12: Not just thought, but inspired action
DAY 11: Engage in better internal conversation


DAY 10: Dare to say, “I’m Not Sorry!”
DAY 9:  Evolve when prompted
DAY 8:  Survive, then thrive
DAY 7:  Invite authenticity into your moments
DAY 6:  Go Beyond!
DAY 5: Narrow Your Focus Down to What You Need


DAY 4: Learn How to Use What You C.R.A.V.E.
DAY 3: Impressing the Woman in the Mirror
DAY 2: Value Your Own Voice
DAY 1: End It with Confidence and Clarity

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