2 Ways To Stay In Love With Your Business!

It is possible for you to truly fall (and stay!) in love with your business?

I don’t mean the barely enthusiastic sure-this-beats-working-for-the-man type of love, either.
I mean that real-real!

That love akin to the giggles and goosebumps you get when your honey offers up random
kisses + sweet talk, leaving you feeling all extra blessed an’ stuff!

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The answer is an absolute YES YOU CAN!  I mean it, and I’m offering you two Execumama-styled strategies for how to keep the sizzle in your relationship with your biznizzle business!


1. Keep YOU at the center of your work

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With all the must-see videos, expert opinions, and business-saving seminars floating around the Web and live circuits, it’s easy to fall prey to the hype. Get conscious about that, and remember that getting yourself educated about your industry is one thing, but losing sight of why you in particular are exclusively qualified to offer your gifts is another.  You’ve got to keep the lines of communication between your unique perspectives and your business’s products and services clear, mama!

Try this Business Chanting exercise:
Each morning before you grab your smart phone to see who’s saying what and why, take five minutes to practice conscious breathing while you remind yourself why you started your business. Use nurturing words, and try to stay away from focusing on money. Instead, focus on what you give, how it helps your customers, and how it makes you feel to own your business.


2. Build DEFINITION in those WHY muscles!

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Consistency + Enthusiasm x Discipline = Results
That’s about as mathematically-inclined as I get, but it’s enough to keep me in love with my journey as a Life Design Practitioner, particularly when the bumps on the road get all In-Yo-Face-Akilah!, and I start to feel like hiding under my bed and scouring Craigslist for odd jobs #RealTalk!

I remind my clients (and myself) to pour love and strength into those consistency muscles by setting a Weekly Flow sheet to designate the days you want to use for hard-core business focus, and use the other days to catch up on research, reading, and general mucking about. Make sure that you use days and times that match your innate flow. That means NOT setting up a 7AM time to get out 3 proposals if you know you’re not a morning person.

Dennis Kimbro’s rewrite of Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich offers up sage advice on how a love for enthusiasm can get you what you need. “Condition your mind to attract that which it needs. Having selected a definite purpose, use enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a power that becomes an irresistible force for which poverty and temporary defeat are no match.” Brilliance!

This is that P90x-esque commitment to seeing nothing but excellent results in exchange for the work you’re putting into your business. This requires more than simply waking up and calling yourself an entrepreneur each morning.  Like building any other love-based relationship, it’s about actively seeking resources, nurturing partnerships, speaking/writing/praying to stay in tune with your unique voice, and most importantly trusting yourself, and your business, to co-exist in harmony and ultimately, abundance.

Try those on for size, and find yourself flirting with your best future, batting your eyes at your growing business, and getting|giving love by committing to what your business offers!