En Route to Healthy: A Week 2 Update

Tiffany B. is on her second week of Yoga For Weight Loss with Temple Yoga & Wellness Center in Fairburn, Georgia. She’s officially a believer in the benefits of yoga, and when you click “Play” to watch the video of her revelation, and see how it could help YOU in your weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey, be sure to comment and tell us what you’re thinking.

What doubts do you have about yoga, weight loss, and what it takes to get there?

While you ponder, read these helpful tips from Tiffany’s trainer, Tiffany Campbell.


I have people who come to my classes all the time with weight loss as their primary focus. However, when I ask them about their sleeping habits, they all complain about fatigue. Adequate rest makes all the difference in your ability to do anything, including show up for yoga or workout classes. You are not going to be able to get what you want out of your body if you are constantly pushing its limits. It’s like going to the bank for a withdrawal without making any deposits. So, make a commitment to adding more rest to your schedule.


Many times we sit down to eat and think very little about how the food we eat makes us feel. Eating has become just another thing you have to do every day. If you feel bloated, uncomfortable or even sick, then rethink your food choice. Your food should make you feel nourished and satiated, not sluggish or gaseous.


Make healthy eating convenient by preparing foods ahead of time and taking them with you if necessary. Most of my yoga clients are pushing their schedule to the limits, so taking time to cook every day seems to create more anxiety. My offering is to help them to prepare ahead of time for their week & that includes shopping & cooking. Planning ahead gives you the opportunity to shop ahead & cook ahead of time. This allows you to make better decisions about how to nourish yourself throughout the week.

Which of Tiffany’s rest and meal-planning tips resonate the most with you?

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