1 Thing You’ve Got To Do Differently This Year

It’s only the second day of 2015 and I’ve already gotten some really insightful responses from the 70-30 Survey.  I’m finishing up a free video training series on strategy and soulwork for creative entrepreneurs. I wanted to wait until I got more responses before I finished the training videos because I want to make sure they address the issues YOU HAVE, and not just the ones I have.

One woman didn’t have an answer. Instead she had one question: What’s the point of it all?

She told me she was stuck somewhere between complacency and success. She knew she wanted something different, and she probably suspects that the soulwork component needed

Then one woman said she was thinking about how to practice radical self-expression and self-love with more than affirmations and vision boards. She wanted to take charge of her day, without feeling like she was always on the grind.

Another woman told me she wasn’t sure how NOT to focus on powering through her day and drinking through her night. She only has a couple of glasses of wine at nights, but she’s worried that she couldn’t stop if she wanted to.

And one man told me that he got the impression my work was for women, but that he connects with so much of what I say about having strategy and soulwork. And that he wanted more resources for the strategy part.

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about this 70-30 list, and how to start shifting some things off that 30% list altogether. It’s right back to that work-life balance myth again, so I’m opening up space for more questions.


I certainly cannot help you keep your 2015 intentions, but I can help you go inward where the soulwork resides, and I can help you create strategies to support your intention.

The one thing you’ve got to do is understand your personal 70-30 Rule.

What do you want to spend most of your time doing? And what do yu need to be doing LESS of, in order to make room for the MORE?

Look at the details and free resources on the survey page, and answer the 1-question survey to get access to the video training series.