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In this training series, you you will learn how to recognize and utilize personal power by shifting the way your life is designed. I will talk to, teach, and task you with practices that will help you to:

• better align with how you want to feel (soulwork),

and to

• start doing what you need to be doing (strategy)
in order to experience those feelings in your daily life.Akilah S. Richards

I encourage you

to give just as much attention to how you want to feel, as you tend to give to what you want to do.

In other words, prioritize your feelings, Love—it’s completely okay to feel your way through your work.

If you (like me)

are that odd blend of driven entrepreneur meets peace-love-&-art maker, scroll down to learn more about the 70-30 approach to

Work-Life Harmony.

Spend 70% of My Life

following my bliss and doing the things that feel good.Soulwork

Spend the Other 30%

defining and implementing the steps toward my goals.Strategy